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Real simple. STEM experts with passion and purpose.

We are an experienced team of subject matter experts that provide online courses in math, physics, chemistry, cybersecurity, STEM literacy and other STEM-related topics. With our flexible study options, you can learn at a pace that works for you.

The Team


Dr. Trina L. Coleman, Creator

Dr. Trina L. Coleman has over 25 years of experience in education and educational technology. Her skills and experience include professional development and technology training for C-level executives, individuals, small businesses, educational entities, and other organizations. Additionally, Dr. Coleman’s professional portfolio includes nearly two decades of higher education instruction in physics and astronomy. 

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Sonya Worrell, M.S.

As a Founding Partner of Be Prepared America, she created and launched the organization’s Registered Apprenticeship Programs. They provide pathways for career opportunities in Information Technology and cybersecurity for women and minorities. The program is U.S. Department of Labor approved with certifications in Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and Healthcare Information Technology.

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Dr. Jalaal A. Hayes

Dr. Hayes has expertise in Sustainable Chemistry, specifically to develop cutting edge biomass sources that are environmentally sound; to create and innovate economically feasible and environmentally friendly energy sources (e.g. solar, wind energy, hydrogen energy, and bioenergy); to build STEAM curriculums that will be applicable to the innovative STEAM market of the future. Dr. Hayes is a Chemistry Professor at Lincoln University.

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