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STEM Skills at Work

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Inverted truss bridge structure

This is a bridge. For practical purposes, bridges provide safe passage from one place to another. We utilize them on a regular basis without actually thinking about the finer details of their construction. The melding of architectural and artistic details to create this bridge are the result of a collaboration between key components of STEM.

For example, the stability of the structure is engineered into the bridge by way of the geometric pattern created by the steel beams below its surface, and the arches that connect them. We owe the conception of this pattern to mathematics. Physics and chemistry account for the proper selection of materials.

Consider the previously mentioned steel beams that rest upon the concrete footings.

The beams and the footings are responsible for equal weight distribution and keeping the bridge out of the body of water. The ideal materials will withstand the environmental extremes that may occur, thus preventing damage from expansion and contraction, as well as ensuring that the bridge doesn't collapse. ~Ayinde Michael

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